EDI: MMU-16E Signal Monitor

The MMU-16E series Malfunction Management Units (MMU) exceed all the requirements set forth in the NEMA Standard TS2-2016 , Part 4. These units are intended to provide basic conflict and voltage monitoring for NEMA TS-2 traffic controller assemblies while maintaining downward compatibility with NEMA TS-1 assemblies.

The model MMU-16E includes a RYG Full Intersection display along with an RS232 port which is used to communicate with a Personal Computer using EDI ECcom software. Monitor status, event logs, and Signal Sequence History logs are stored in nonvolatile memory for diagnostic and archival purposes.

  • MMU-16E: 12/16 channel with EIA-232 Port

Signal Monitor Accessories

  • MMU-EXT – DIP Switch Enabled Program card +

    The MMU-EXT Program Card is designed to facilitate cabinet testing when multiple Program Card configurations are needed. DIP switches for all programmable functions of the MMU Program Card make modifications to the MMU set-up fast and easy.

    The MMU-EXT Program Card is compatible with any MMU meeting the requirements of Nema TS2-2016, including the MMU-16E, MMU-16LE, and MMU2-16LE models.This product is intended for cabinet test use only and is not designed or provided for on-street use.

    MMU-EXT – DIP Switch Enabled Program card Datasheet (Part #: TBA)
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