Alpha: AlphaCell 3.5 & 4.0HP

  • Class leading batteries featuring pure lead technology providing up to 20% increased life expectancy
  • 3 to 5 times longer shelf life versus standard VRLA batteries
  • Up to 50% increased runtime in cold climates
  • Non-spillable UN2800 rating for ease of transportation
  • Higher runtime allows string count reduction
  • 5-year full, hassle-free warranty

Battery Accessories

  • Battery Testing Equipment +

    A fast, reliable and affordable testing process is now available with the development of conductance based battery measurement technology. By coupling conductance testing with a simple system load or voltage test, the system operator is armed with the quality of data necessary to know the status of their installed standby batteries and budget their replacement with confidence.

  • Battery Heater Mats +

    Alpha's battery heater mats are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Alpha's battery heater mats are a low-cost way of keeping backup batteries operating at their optimal temperature, maintaining battery backup performance at >70% of nominal levels at ambient temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

  • Battery Spacer Clip +

    Two problems have long been associated with installing and maintaining batteries in HFC networks: The first is how to maintain critical spacing between batteries to prevent overheating particularly for the middle battery.

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