Polara Model-X2 APS SystemDesigned for use at a Non-Signalized Pedestrian Crosswalk


Polara: Model-X2 System

The Model-X2 push button station is for use on crosswalks with flashing yellow lights. The Model-X2 connects to a control unit to enable triggering of crosswalk lights and can provide a locating tone and a voice message.

The XAVCU2 is the Control Unit for 2 (two) XAV2E-LED Push Button Stations. The XAVCU2 is available in AC or DC and also with or without a Flash Controller

  • Easy to activate 2" ADA button with raised arrow
  • High quality digital audio messages
  • Features a locating tone and voice-on-location message, with ambient sound compensation.
  • The Model-X2 utilizes the same rugged housing and push button as Polara's industry-leading EZ Communicator Navigator APS.
  • High-reliability, full-featured push button with raised directional arrow.
  • Installs and operates easily using the XAVCU2 control unit.
  • In-unit LEDs are synchronized to crosswalk sign, in-pavement or overhead lights.

Model-X2 Accessories

  • XAVCU2 – Control Unit for the XAV2E-LED Push Button Stations +

    The XAVCU2 is a control unit that works in conjunction with Polara’s XAV2E-LED Push Button Stations, and provides a system for playing a voice message at a pedestrian crosswalk where flashing yellow lights are installed.

    Note: XAVCU2 model products are not compatible with the previous XAVCU model products.

  • 8-Wire Cable for Model-X2 System +

    An 8-wire cable is required (furnished by installer) to connect between a remotely located XAVCU2 and the push button stations. Polara recommends Belden 27601A. This cable is suitable for direct burial and color matches the labeling on the XAVCU2. A maximum of two push button stations can be connected to an XAVCU2.

  • ENAV-SB – EZCOMM Sound Baffle +

    ENAV-SB EZ Communicator Sound Baffle is a small external plastic part used to re-direct the sound from the EZ Communicator resulting in a 10dBA difference between the right side and left side of the unit. It is effective in situations to reduce the sound to the building line while not reducing the sound to the pedestrians in the cross walk.

    Installation is easy, the ENAV-SB simply snaps into the speaker grill.

  • EZ520 – Color Pack +

    The EZ520 Color Pack is a bundle of the required parts needed to change the Front Cover color of an EZComm Navigator PBS base unit. This Color Pack works for both 2 and 4 Wire systems. The Color Pack consists of the Lid Assembly, Small Cover, and bagged Hardware. Simply take the button arrow diaphragm from the original color lid and install it into the Lid Assembly of the Color Pack, install the Lid Assembly and Small Cover onto the base unit and you are ready to go. If the unit has a 9x12 or 9x15 faceplate, the coordinating back plate must be purchased separately.

  • EZ521 – EZCOMM Navigator Bottom Cover with Conduit Fitting +

    Mounting an EZ Communicator Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) onto a solid surface requires using an EZ521 Bottom Cover with Conduit Fitting. This permits the field installer to easily connect the wiring to the EPBS. The EZ521 works with both the 2-wire and 4-wire versions of EPBSs. All hardware and instructions necessary to connect to standard flexible conduit is supplied with the EZ521.
  • EZ523 – EZCOMM Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) Mounting Extender +

    The EZ Communicator Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) Mounting Extender (Extender) is intended to mount a Polara EPBS 6” or 12” away from the traffic pole, in order to position the EPBS closer to the start of the crosswalk. EPBS wires are routed inside of the channel to protect them against vandalism. Extender can be bolted or banded to the traffic pole.
  • Screws & Bits +

    Vandal Proof Screws
    • PXSSPS – 3/8" Screws SS for Navigator Signs (set of 4)
    • PXSSSPS – 1" Screws SS vandal proof (set of 4)
    Tamper Proof Tool Bit
    • PXSPBIT – Spanner Tool Bit for vandal proof screws
    • 1